For Our Kids

Our Kids are in the midst of a mental health crisis.

The most recent 5 Year Mental Health Report, published in April 2017, polling thousands of young Australians (age 15-19) by the Blackdog Institute and Mission Australia found an increase in psychological distress in our young people, with almost one in four young people having a serous mental illness.

Our Kids are stressed and unhappy. An entire generation appears to be not coping with the pressures they find themselves under today, and we are seeing this manifest in mental health problems.

Self harm and Suicide rates are at an all time high:

Prescribed medication for behavioral problems / ADHD and mental health problems are at an all time, exponential high: One study found a 274% global increase in use of ADHD drugs prescribed to kids.***

It’s estimated that 3 children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition.*

We can’t control the external world our kids will find themselves in, but we can make sure we give them the best chance at handling the pressures they find themselves under as they navigate through their lives.

We can control how we teach our kids to cope with stress and change. We can teach our kids how their minds work, what their bodies need, how to manage with social situations and emotionally challenging times. We can help nurture our kids’ relationships to one-another and to nature. We can help shape the things our kids focus on, spend their energy on and give them decision-making skills that will impact the rest of their lives.

We need our kids to get out of survival mode.

We need to teach them how their nervous systems and brains work. We need them to know that when they’re operating in stress, functions such as thinking, learning and responding are impaired. We need them to be able to recognise when they’re in this state and have the tools and skills to change it at will, so they can get their higher functions back online.

When we teach our kids how to use their brains optimally we teach them how to control their bodies, their emotions, their health, their habits, their relationships, their future, their lives.

The mental health crisis we are experiencing in our kids, suggests that our internal advancements aren’t keeping up with our external ones. It is critical that we teach our kids skills to enhance their brain agility, mental, emotional and spiritual health, in order that they can thrive in this world.

By providing scientifically proven practical methodologies, we aim to improve our kids’ mental health, happiness and ultimately “success” in life. In doing so we will also increase the happiness and health of parents, teachers, families, communities and society. Our kids are our future.

We educate and teach practical skills in these areas through seminars and workshop for parents, students and educators.

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