Mind Health

We know that a lot of problems are caused by wonky thinking. Unhelpful thinking. Thoughts about things that have happened already and cannot be changed. Thoughts about things that could happen in the future, but haven’t actually happened. We know that the brain doesn’t know the difference between something that’s actually happening, and something we are imagining is happening (thinking about) and therefore we cause ourselves unnecessary suffering by spending the vast amount of our time thinking about things in the past or worrying about things in the future. Neither of which are happening NOW and therefore neither of which we truly need to worry about or suffer over.

We know that the connection between our brains and our bodies – thoughts and emotions – means that whenever we think stressful thoughts, our body reacts. This physiological response in turn produces more stressful thoughts. We know that the vast majority of us, and our kids, are living increasingly in this state of stress. We know that being in a state of stress for a prolonged time is detrimental to our health and it’s therefore really no wonder why we are seeing this manifest as mental and physical ill-health, and experiencing the results of a world living in fear, competition, separate-ness, and lack of compassion.

We also know that we can break this cycle by taking control of our minds and bodies instead of allowing them to run the show at the unconscious level. Learning how to become conscious of our unconscious programmes and take charge of our mind is probably the most effective tool we currently have to break the stress cycle and jumpstart our mental and physical health.

Kids are natural learners. Their brains are constantly developing and moulding based on the experiences they have and the people around them. If they live in an environment that’s largely governed by stress, their brains will develop habits of stressful thinking. A brain wired for stress is likely to set them up for a life of mental and physical ill-health. 1 in 4 of our kids currently meet the criteria for a serious mental health disorder*. To change this statistic we need to actively teach our kids how to take control of their minds and therefore take control of their health, their lives and their future.

For our young kids, its imperative we help them form and maintain a healthy brain. For older kids who may already have formed some habitual stressful modes of thinking, its never too late to help them change and re-wire their brain. We now know that the brain is highly malleable and designed for change. We just have to know how to install new programmes.

Give your child the best chance of developing and maintaining good mental and physical health and book them in for a Mind Health class. Come along and learn how to manage your own stress and health through our adult classes.