The New School

Imagine a school where, in addition to academic mastery, equal importance is placed on mastery of self and social intelligence as well as problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Imagine a school where maths and literacy skills are deemed equal to emotional intelligence, empathetic and collaborative skills. Where the latest technology is used to help us enhance these skills, and our kids learn to use technology to advance their human condition.

Imagine a school that believes at its core that teaching our kids to optimise their brains and cultivate their minds can change the world. Where our children learn to be compassionate, caring, individual parts of a greater whole, with a social, moral and ecological conscience. – Neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology tell us that these traits are a side-effect of learning how to use our brains optimally.

We’ve already imagined this…and we’re not the only ones!

The New School is coming…