Who We Are

Sally Boardman (Bsc(Hons), MPhil(Psych) worked as a psychologist and utilised various cognitive and psychological strategies before studying neuroscience and mindfulness. She quickly realised the power of using the approach of psycho-education about how our brain works and practical “brain training” techniques to help people re-gain control over themselves and change unwanted habits.

A Mum of 2 young children, Sally became increasingly concerned at the declining mental health of our children and youth. Seeing a clear increase in young people suffering with mental health, behavioural and attentional problems. As her awareness of the problem grew, so did her despair at what is clearly a crisis of brains and minds amongst our youth. Sally decided to turn her attention to helping, and Our Thriving Kids was born. Sally knows that when it comes to learning how to control our own brain and nervous system, (instead of allowing it to control us), the younger we start the better!

Sally collaborates with other experts to deliver workshops and content, all aimed at boosting and maintaining our kids mental health. For further details check out our latest Workshops